I feel compelled to express the fragile connection with our landscape, it’s energy and dynamics, the seen and unseen particularly a sense of history and belonging which binds us to it. I use a mix of sketches done in situ, photographs and memory for a starting point.

Working with oil glazes my paintings go through a process of evolving, layers of oil paint are built up sometimes taken off and sanded back in parts. I also use solvents and mediums to create movement and atmosphere.

Recently I have been using enamel paint on aluminium plate, leaving part of the plate bare which creates a sense of movement in changing light and depicts our ever changing landscape. I want to create a visual dialogue between the painting and the viewer.

I was born in Sheffield and moved to Bedfordshire my late teens, where I studied graphic design. After working in the design industry for a number of years I moved to Cornwall in 2002 and started painting again.